© 2017 Billiard Sports Network. 

       Founded in 2017, the Billiard Sports Network is owned by Josh Setterfield and Jake Lawson. BSN is here to bring you the highest quality billiard live streams of events around the Mid Atlantic Region.

       Josh Setterfield is the Founder and CEO at “Tilt eSports” as well as “Axios Creations Design & Media”.  Being an avid pool player, Josh routinely played in local pool tournaments where he met Mike McNaughton who runs a local tour called the 757 Pool Tour. Mike got to know Josh pretty well and learned that he was very well versed in live streaming because of his gaming company. Mike invited him to stream the next tour event which became a great success. Josh kept streaming the 757 Pool Tour events with Mike and realized that the stream actually had potential to be something. This is when the name Billiard Sports Network was created and the vision was started.

In April of 2017 they got invited to stream the Barry Behrman Memorial  Spring Open, a big tournament at Q-Master Billiards. This is where Jake Lawson, the Founder & CEO at “Lights Out Billiards Apparel & Empire Enterprises” first saw the stream Josh was able to provide. Josh and Jake hit it off and ended up talking after the event about the idea of turning the stream into something bigger. Jake shared his vision which is based on a simple concept,  to do things right by the players and the viewers. They realized pretty quickly that with Josh’s technical knowledge and Jake’s vast business experience that they could really impact the sport in a positive way.

If you are interested in the services available, or becoming a sponsor for an upcoming event, please message the BSN Facebook page and either Josh or Jake will get back to you promptly. Thank you for your viewership!